Drawing inspiration from the Spanish word for “cosmic,” Cosmico encapsulates the very essence of our identity: intrepid wanderers, vibrant souls, and spiritual beings, celebrating diversity with open hearts.

As the newest Mexican restaurant in the heart of New York City, we embrace the art of defying expectations. Step into Cosmico, and you’ll instantly be transported to a realm where passion and play harmoniously intertwine. Our bar and dining room are adorned with a tapestry of Mexican influences, a testament to the rich cultural heritage we hold dear.


We invite you to celebrate the food, people, and culture of Latin America in a festive atmosphere that includes our bar area, also known as “La Roca” that pays homage to the cavernas in Mexico to our private dining room, also known as “El Cuarto Encantado,” that is a truly magical restaurant experience.

Sprinkled throughout the interior is lush greenery, interior furnishings and accents imported from Mexico, as well as tiles and textures brought in from South America. Anywhere you’re seated is the best seat in the house.

From the moment you walk in the front door, you have a full view of the kitchen – where our chef’s magic is on full display for all to see. Cosmico offers a modern interpretation of authentic Latin-American cuisine. Every dish on the menu was carefully curated to feature both popular classics and modern dishes that entice the senses. Our Lead chef has cultivated a savory menu that’s unique yet recognized.

The beverage program focuses on recognizable cocktails with a modern, South-American twist. Whether you’re in the mood for a margarita or paloma, beer or wine – each offering has been chosen with the ideal, authentic experience in mind.

Above all, Cosmico offers our guests memorable experiences for every occasion – be it dinner, happy hour or brunch – as well as an unparalleled atmosphere for private dining and larger groups.